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12 years of photovoltaic experience

KepInSky Power was founded to answer Solar PV development challenges.

As Solar PV is the future, but the future is built today, our mission is to support the development of solar projects from feasibility study, strategic sourcing, to international business development.

Based on an decade of experience in solar project design, feasibility study, manufacturers sourcing and international business development,

KepInSky Power is your dedicated partner to make your projects a success.

Charles Kepinski

Charles Kepinski founded KepInSky Power in 2016 and acts as Chairman of the Board.

Charles brings over 10 years of experience in the solar PV industry after several successful ventures and over 200 MWp of solar modules and 50MWp of inverters sold worldwide, as well as 10MWp of projects developed in France.

Charles holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering.

Alain Kepinski

Alain Kepinski joined KepInSky Power in 2018 as Chief Executive Officer.

Alain brings over 30 years of experience in energy saving, energy management and renewable energy industries, and acts as a pioneer in the solar industry starting in 2008 in Europe and the USA.

Alain holds a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering and Quantum Chemistry.

Background Heading


KepInSky Power is dedicated to accompany solar projects development in emerging markets on the following areas of expertise:


Our team is able to boost your international business development based on a decade of experience in solar energy and our numerous contacts in emerging markets, such as project developers, installers, distributors, utilities and grid operators.


Our team is able to study the technical, administrative and financial feasibility of any solar project worldwide (rooftop, ground mounted or off-grid) allowing a go/no go decision prior to the financing and sourcing steps.


Our team is able to provide finely selected solar solutions and products worldwide, strategic sourcing and pricing for full or any part of the Balance Of System, based on our numerous partners and manufacturers portfolio.